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  • What do I do if I have a question/emergency after surgery?
    Get Fixed OK has a dedicated number that you can call or text for aftercare questions or concerns.
  • Can my dog/cat have food and water before surgery?
    Yes. Water can be available until 7 AM the day of surgery. No food after midnight, prior to surgery for adult dogs and cats. All patients under 4 months can have food available until surgery.
  • How soon can I feed my pet after surgery?
    Anesthetics may affect your pets appetite after surgery. Your adult pet may have a small meal the evening after surgery. Pets under 4 months may have food offered, free choice, following surgery.
  • What is the expected recovery time for my pet?
    Recovery time varies, based on individual animals. Most animals recover quickly, in just a few days. Recovery can be affected and prolonged by age, weight, breed, reproductive stage, or underlying medical conditions.
  • When is a good time to get my pet spayed or neutered?
    We recommend having your pet altered prior to sexual maturity, usually prior to 4 months of age.
  • Will my pet need a cone (E-collar)?
    E-collars are generally not necessary. However, if your pet is predisposed to licking or you observe them licking their incision, an E-collar is advised.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    We encourage online scheduling through our portal. This allows you to schedule on your own time. If you wish to make an appointment by phone, calls will be accepted and returned on scheduled clinic days.
  • How soon can I spay my pet after having puppies/kittens?
    It is best for your pet to have weaned her litter and have milk dried up. Large milk production or early weaning can make the surgery more difficult for your pet.
  • How old does my puppy/kitten have to be to be spayed/neutered?
    Puppies and kittens should be a minimum of 8 weeks of age and 2 pounds.
  • Do I need an appointment for surgery or a wellness visit?
    Yes. All services are by appointment only. This allows us to have dedicated time for you and your pet.
  • Do you provide services other than spay and neuter?
    Yes. Get Fixed OK can provide vaccinations, deworming, heart worm testing for dogs and FeLV/FIV testing for cats, flea control, and heart worm prevention, during surgery or wellness appointments. All pets scheduling a wellness appointment must be spayed or neutered to receive services.

Frequently Asked Questions


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